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Bluegrass band hopes to hit high notes with career.

Billy Joe and Christina Grace home-school their 10 children. In addition to reading, writing and ’rithmetic, those lessons include music.

From those basic music lessons, the four older Grace children… 

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Editor’s Note: The following results from the Arkansas State Fair include information provided by the ASF by deadline for this publication. The fair ended Oct. 18. Previous winners listings were published in the Oct. 19 County Connection.
The winners of the 2015 Arkansas State Fair Junior Youth Talent Contest include:
• Grand Champion – Paul Grace, 13, of Greenbrier, strummed the mandolin to “East Tennessee Blues”.
The winners of the 2015 Arkansas State Fair Senior Youth Talent Contest include:
• Silas Grace was the TRIPLE winner of the evening winning both Instrumental Solo on the fiddle to “Black Mountain Rag” and for the Variety Category he played guitar and used his auctioneering skills to “The Auctioneer Song”. The overall top talent performer from both the Seniors and the Juniors was Silas Grace awarded the Coleman Champion.